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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Temporary use by former owners
Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (PAR) CHAPTER 36-B, TITLE C, ARTICLE 15
§ 15.11 Temporary use by former owners. 1. The commissioner, or the
governing body of a municipality with the approval of the commissioner,
may make agreements with respect to any lands acquired pursuant to this
article by the state or by such municipality, respectively, whereby such
lands may continue to be occupied and used by the former owners, their
tenants or assigns, for a period not exceeding ten years from the date
of acquisition of such lands, provided that during the period of such
occupancy, such lands shall remain on the assessment rolls of the
municipality, school districts and other districts in which they are
located and shall be subject to real estate taxes and assessments in the
same manner as privately owned lands. The right of a former owner to
occupy and use such lands shall be conditioned on the prompt payment of
the full amount of such taxes and assessments, with interest and
penalties, if any. Neither the state nor the municipality shall be
liable for real estate taxes or assessments on such lands during such a
period. A copy of any such agreement shall be filed with the county
clerk of the county in which such lands are located. Nothing herein
contained shall be construed to limit the authority of the commissioner
to accept conditional grants, bequests or devises of property under
other provisions of this chapter.

2. Notwithstanding anything contained in this article to the contrary,
the governing body of any municipality, without the approval of the
commissioner, may acquire lands pursuant to this article for the
purposes contained in this article, without the aid of funds made
available thereby, and upon such purchase may enter into an agreement
for the use of such property as outlined in this section, subject,
however, to the terms and conditions contained herein.