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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Collective negotiation
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 8, TITLE 6
§ 1739. Collective negotiation. 1. For the purpose of article fourteen
of the civil service law, the authority shall be deemed to be the public
employer and as such shall negotiate with and enter into written
agreements with employee organizations representing the staff of the
authority that have been certified or recognized under such article. In
carrying on such negotiations, the authority shall consult with and seek
assistance from the office of labor relations and collective bargaining
of the city board and the New York city office of municipal labor
relations. The state public employment relations board shall have
exclusive jurisdiction for the purpose of administering the provisions
of such article and the provisions of section two hundred twelve of such
article shall not be applicable to any such negotiations.

2. Employees transferred from the city board to the authority shall be
included in an appropriate employer-employee negotiating unit pursuant
to article fourteen of the civil service law except for those employees
who are designated managerial or confidential. With respect to such
employees, the existing public employee organization recognized or
certified to represent the employees of the existing negotiating unit
shall be recognized as the representative for the negotiating unit of
the authority.

3. Future alterations of the negotiating unit shall be made pursuant
to article fourteen of the civil service law.

4. a. The authority shall consult with the appropriate public employee
organization on the establishment of, and bargain all terms and
conditions of, any new titles it establishes which have a community of
interest with titles already represented by the public employee
organization which presently has representation rights for those titles
at the city board or at the city of New York.

b. Any such titles for which terms and conditions are bargained
pursuant to paragraph a of this subdivision shall be deemed to be
successor titles within the meaning of applicable law and, so long as
the responsibilities of employees in these titles are reasonably related
to the responsibilities of employees currently represented by a public
employee organization, shall be accreted to the appropriate bargaining
certificates for which such public employee organization shall be
voluntarily recognized as the bargaining agent under procedures
acceptable to the state public employment relations board.