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Approval power of the governor
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 8, TITLE 9
§ 1853. Approval power of the governor. 1. No action taken at any
meeting of the authority shall have force or effect until the governor
shall have an opportunity to approve or veto the same.

2. For the purpose of procuring such approval or veto, the authority
shall by rule designate an officer of the authority to transmit to the
governor at the executive chamber in Albany a certified copy of the
minutes of every meeting of the authority as soon after the holding of
such meeting as such minutes can be written out. The governor shall,
within fifteen days after such minutes shall have been delivered to the
executive chamber as aforesaid, cause the same to be returned to the
authority either with his approval or with his veto of any action
therein recited as having been taken, provided, however, that if the
governor shall not return the said minutes within the said period then
at the expiration thereof any action therein recited shall have full
force and effect according to the wording thereof.

3. If the governor within the said period returns the said minutes
with a veto against any action recited therein, then such action shall
be null and void.

4. The governor may by order filed with the authority relieve the
authority from the duty of procuring his approval of its action upon any
particular matter or class of matters, and thereupon the authority shall
be relieved from reporting the same to him.