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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Assistance by state officers, departments, boards and commissions
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 8, TITLE 19
* § 2483. Assistance by state officers, departments, boards and
commissions. All officers, departments, boards, agencies, divisions and
commissions of the state may render any services to the authority as are
within the area of their respective governmental functions as fixed by
law and as may be requested by the authority and shall comply promptly
with any reasonable request by the authority as to the making of any
study or review as to desirability, need, cost or expense with respect
to any public project, purpose or improvement, or the financial
feasibility thereof or the financial or fiscal responsibility or ability
in connection therewith of any municipality making application for loan
to the authority.

* NB (Disbanded March, 1980)