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Employees of the corporation
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 8, TITLE 26
§ 2546. Employees of the corporation. 1. Notwithstanding any
inconsistent provisions of this act, the appointment and promotion of
all employees of and for the corporation shall be made in accordance
with the provisions of the civil service law and shall be subject to the
jurisdiction of the city civil service commission and the compensation
for such employees shall be fixed by the corporation.

2. The city and the corporation shall have the power to provide for
the transfer to the corporation of agents, employees and facilities of
the city to enable the corporation to fulfill its corporate purposes.
Employees of the city to be transferred to the corporation pursuant to
this title shall be automatically appointed and transferred to the
corporation in the same or equivalent classification and position they
hold at the time of the transfer. The corporation, its officers and
employees, shall be subject to article fourteen of the civil service law
and for all purposes the corporation shall be deemed "public employer",
provided, however, that chapter fifty-four of the New York city charter
and administrative code of the city of New York and executive orders
number fifty-two, dated September twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred
sixty-seven, as amended, promulgated by the mayor, shall apply in all
respects to the corporation, its officers and employees except that
paragraph seven and paragraph eight of said executive order shall not be
applicable to the corporation, its officers and employees. Employees who
are members or beneficiaries of any existing pension or retirement
system shall continue to have such rights, privileges, obligations or
status with respect to such system as are prescribed by law on the date
this title takes effect, and all such employees who have been appointed
to positions in city service in accordance with the provisions of the
civil service law under the rules of the city civil service commission
shall have the same status with respect thereto in the service of the
corporation as they had in city service.