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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Legislative findings
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 8, TITLE 28
§ 2606. Legislative findings. It is hereby found, determined and
declared that there is an immediate need to institute a comprehensive,
coordinated program of activities utilizing the olympic facilities in
and around Lake Placid, New York, in order to insure optimum year-round
use and enjoyment of these facilities to the economic and social benefit
of the olympic region and to minimize the financial burden on the state
and local governments in the maintenance and operation of these
facilities by means of maximizing revenue opportunities for their
support; and to take advantage of the opportunity to improve the
physical fitness and athletic and recreational education of the people
of this state and the United States by assisting in the use and
maintenance of these facilities. It is further declared to be desirable
to create a state olympic regional development authority to operate,
manage and maintain the olympic facilities, develop, implement and
supervise the professional management necessary for such a
comprehensive, coordinated program and for the management, promotion,
scheduling and conduct of an integrated, year-round program and a wide
range of national and international athletic training and competitive
opportunities and other activities which can effectively utilize the
available facilities. The authority shall carry out its purposes and
responsibilities and utilize the facilities through agreements with
state and local agencies which have jurisdiction over the various
olympic facilities in the olympic region. It is further declared to be
desirable that the authority develop, construct, operate, manage and
maintain facilities, or participate therein, for the training and
housing of amateur athletes in connection with the United States olympic
committee's training center program and the authority's conduct of
national and international sports events. It is further declared that
the authority shall be created as a public benefit corporation and that
the corporate programs and powers conferred under this title and the
expenditures of public moneys pursuant thereto are in furtherance of
serving a valid public interest and public purpose.