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Powers of the authority
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 8, TITLE 28
§ 2611. Powers of the authority. Except as otherwise may be limited by
this title, the authority shall have power:

1. To sue and be sued;

2. To have a seal and alter the same at pleasure;

3. To acquire, lease, hold and dispose of real and personal property
or any interest therein for its corporate purposes;

4. To make and alter by-laws for its organization and internal
management, and rules and regulations governing the exercise of its
powers and the fulfillment of its purposes under this title. Such rules
and regulations must be filed with the secretary of state and the town
clerk of North Elba and the town clerks of the towns of Johnsburg,
Shandaken and Middletown;

5. To enter into contracts for employment of such officers and
employees as it may require for the performance of its duties, and to
fix and determine their qualifications, duties and compensation and to
retain or employ such personnel as may be required for its corporate
purposes and private consultants on a contract basis or otherwise for
rendering professional or technical services and advice;

6. To schedule and book events at participating olympic facilities,
and the facilities of Belleayre Mountain ski center and other properties
owned or controlled by the authority with public and private
individuals, organizations, groups and other entities desiring to use
such facilities for conducting events and activities appropriate to the
purposes of the authority;

7. To enter into contracts, leases and subleases and to execute all
instruments necessary or convenient for the conduct of authority
business, including agreements with the park district and any state
agency which administers, owns or supervises any olympic facility or
Belleayre Mountain ski center, as provided in sections twenty-six
hundred twelve and twenty-six hundred fourteen of this title, and
including contracts or other agreements to plan, prepare for and host
the two thousand twenty-three World University Games to be held in Lake
Placid, New York where such contracts or agreements would obligate the
authority to defend, indemnify and/or insure third parties in connection
with, arising out of, or relating to such games, such authority to be
limited by the amount of any lawful appropriation or other funding such
as a performance bond surety, or other collateral instrument for that
purpose. With respect to the two thousand twenty-three World University
Games, the amount of such appropriation shall be no more than sixteen
million dollars;

8. To undertake or cause to be undertaken plans, surveys, analyses and
studies necessary, convenient or desirable for the effectuation of the
purposes and powers of the authority and to prepare recommendations in
regard thereto;

9. To enter into contracts to operate, maintain and manage olympic
facilities and the Belleayre Mountain ski center;

10. To fix and collect fees, rents and other charges for the use of
olympic facilities and to authorize any other person on its behalf to
collect same;

11. To conduct or contract for the conduct of all necessary or
convenient services relevant to the publicizing, advertising, marketing
and promoting of participating olympic facilities and events scheduled
at such facilities, including, without limitation, the sale of media

12. To operate, or contract for the operation of, concession services
at any participating olympic facility or the Belleayre Mountain ski

13. To contract for and to accept any gifts or grants, subsidies, or
loans of funds or property or financial or other aid in any form from
the federal or state government or any agency or instrumentality
thereof, or from any other source, public or private, and to comply,
subject to the provisions of this title, with the terms and conditions
thereof; provided however, the authority shall not contract for the
payment of debt evidenced by bonds or notes or other evidence of
indebtedness issued by any public corporation for capital improvements
either directly or through a lease purchase agreement with any public
corporation without the prior approval of the public authorities control

14. To develop and construct, or participate in the development and
construction of, a facility or facilities, whether or not to be owned by
the authority, and to operate, maintain and manage any such facilities,
for the training and housing of amateur athletes in connection with the
United States olympic training center program and the authority's
conduct of national and international sports events;

15. To procure insurance against any loss or liability in connection
with the use, management, maintenance and operation of the participating
olympic facilities and/or Belleayre Mountain ski center, in such amounts
and from such insurers, subject to public bidding as it deems desirable;

16. To do all things necessary, convenient or desirable to carry out
its purposes and for the exercise of the powers granted in this title.