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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 11
§ 4000. Construction. This chapter shall not be considered a new act,
but a reenactment and a continuation of the several acts consolidated
herein; nor shall this chapter affect or impair any right, power or duty
conferred or imposed by any such act or any liability or right incurred
or action or proceeding taken thereunder.

Whenever the terms "condemnation" or "appropriation" or any other term
which refers to the taking of real property by exercise of the power of
eminent domain are used in this chapter such terms shall be deemed to
mean "acquisition" as such term is defined in section one hundred three
of the eminent domain procedure law.

Whenever the power to acquire real property by eminent domain
proceedings has been given to any public authority under this chapter or
any of its instrumentalities, such acquisition shall be pursuant to the
provisions of the eminent domain procedure law, and the provisions
contained herein relating to such power shall be given full force and
effect to the extent that they are consistent with the provisions of the
eminent domain procedure law and to the extent that any of such
provisions are inconsistent with the provisions of such law, the
provisions of the eminent domain procedure law shall be deemed to be