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Reports of the authority
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 3, TITLE 4
§ 592. Reports of the authority. In addition to any report required to
be made to the state pursuant to any provision of law, the authority
shall furnish to the chairman of the board of supervisors, the clerk of
such board, the county attorney, the county treasurer, and the chairman
and members of the planning committee of such board, the following

1. Within ninety days after the end of its fiscal year, its annual
report, which shall be a complete and detailed report setting forth; (a)
its operations and accomplishments; (b) its receipts and disbursements,
or revenues and expenses, during such fiscal year in accordance with the
categories or classifications established by the authority for its own
operating and capital outlay purposes; (c) its assets and liabilities at
the end of its fiscal year including the status of reserve,
depreciation, special or other funds and including the receipts and
payments of these funds; and (d) a schedule of its bonds and notes
outstanding at the end of its fiscal year, together with a statement of
the amounts redeemed and incurred during such fiscal year;

2. Within thirty days after the end of each calendar month, a
condensed monthly financial statement;

3. Not less than sixty days before the commencement of its fiscal
year, in the form submitted to its members, budget information on
operations and capital construction setting forth the estimated receipts
and expenditures for the next fiscal year and the current fiscal year,
and the actual receipts and expenditures for the last completed fiscal

4. Within thirty days after receipt thereof by the authority, a copy
of the final report of every external examination of the books and
accounts of the authority.