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TITLE 14***
City of Schenectady Parking Authority
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 7
* TITLE 14

Section 1599-a*4. Short title.

1599-b*4. Definitions.

1599-c*4. Schenectady parking authority.

1599-d*4. Purpose and powers of the authority.

1599-e*4. Civil service status of officers and employees.

1599-f*4. Advances on behalf of the authority; conveyance of

property by the city to the authority; acquisition

of property by the city or by the authority.

1599-g*4. Construction and purchase contracts.

1599-h*4. Moneys of the authority.

1599-i*4. Bonds of the authority.

1599-j*4. Notes of the authority.

1599-k*4. Agreements of the city and the state.

1599-l*4. State and city not liable on bonds.

1599-m*4. Bonds and notes legal investments for public officers

and fiduciaries.

1599-n*4. Tax exemptions.

1599-o*4. Tax contract by the state.

1599-p*4. Remedies of bondholders.

1599-q*4. Actions against the authority.

1599-r*4. Officers and employees not to be interested in


1599-s*4. Termination of the authority.

1599-t*2. Title not affected if in part unconstitutional or


1599-u. Limited liability.

1599-v. Inconsistent provisions in other acts superseded.

1599-w. Equal employment opportunity.

* NB Authority ceased to exist 08/05/2002

* NB There are 4 A7 T14's