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This entry was published on 2023-09-22
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Suffolk County Judicial Facilities Agency
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 8
* TITLE 16

Section 2350-a. Short title.

2350-b. Definitions.

2350-c. Suffolk county judicial facilities agency.

2350-d. Powers of the agency.

2350-e. Governmental capacity of the agency and the county.

2350-f. Special powers of the county.

2350-g. Bonds of the agency.

2350-h. Remedies of bondholders.

2350-i. Neither state nor county liable on agency bonds.

2350-j. Moneys of the agency.

2350-k. Bonds legal investments for fiduciaries.

2350-l. Agreement of the state.

2350-m. Exemption from taxes, assessments and certain fees.

2350-n. Actions against agency.

2350-o. Construction and purchase contracts.

2350-p. Interest in contracts prohibited.

2350-q. Ownership of agency bonds prohibited.

2350-r. Agency to take affirmative action.

2350-s. Audit, annual reports, and access to books, records,

and accounts.

2350-t. Defense and indemnification.

2350-u. Agreements with the county.

2350-v. Code of ethics.

2350-w. Equal employment opportunity.

2350-x. Transfer of officers and employees; civil service.

2350-y. Separability.

2350-z. Effect of inconsistent provisions.

2350-aa. Duties of finance and ways and means committees and


2350-bb. Subsidiaries of the agency.

2350-cc. Independent budget review office.

2350-dd. Jurisdiction of state inspector general.

2350-ee. Disposal of agency property.

2350-ff. Filings to be made with the agency.

* NB Repealed December 31, 2023