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Dormitory Authority
Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 8

Section 1675. Short title.

1676. Definitions.

1676-a. Payment on authority public work projects.

1677. Dormitory Authority.

1678. Powers of the authority.

1679. Supplemental higher education loan financing program.

1679-a. Health education assistance loan financing program.

1679-b. Equipment loans.

1679-c. The New York higher education loan program.

1680. Dormitories at certain educational institutions other

than state operated institutions and statutory or

contract colleges under the jurisdiction of the

state university of New York.

1680-a. Judicial facilities in certain counties.

1680-b. Court facilities and combined occupancy structures.

1680-c. Creation of the court facilities capital review board.

1680-d. Sale of bonds by the authority.

1680-e. State university athletic facilities.

1680-f. Roswell Park Cancer Institute development account.

1680-g. Child care facilities development program; authority

financing of eligible child care facilities

development projects.

1680-h. Sale of bonds by the authority.

1680-i. Judiciary; authority financing of courthouse


1680-j. New York state higher education capital matching grant

board; creation; procedure.

1680-j*2. Authorization for the issuance of bonds for the health

care efficiency and affordability law for New

Yorkers (HEAL NY) capital grant program.

1680-k. Financing of department of agriculture and markets


1680-l. The special disability fund financing.

1680-m. Cultural education facilities.

1680-n. Acquisition of state buildings and other facilities.

1680-o. Courthouse improvements and training facilities.

1680-p. Longitudinal data system.

1680-q. State university of New York dormitory facilities.

1680-q*2. Self-insured bond financing.

1680-r. Authorization for the issuance of bonds for the

capital restructuring financing program, the health

care facility transformation programs, and the

essential health care provider program.

1681. Moneys of the authority.

1681-a. Distribution of board materials.

1682. Bonds of the authority.

1682-a. Financial monitoring.

1683. State not liable on bonds.

1684. Bonds legal investments for fiduciaries.

1685. Exemptions from taxation.

1686. Remedies of bondholders.

1686-a. Security by authority.

1687. Members and employees not to profit.

1688. Visitation by regents.

1689. Board of cooperative educational services school


1689-a. Public school districts; authority financing of

eligible school construction projects; rebuilding

schools to uphold education (RESCUE).

1689-b. Sale of bonds by the authority.

1689-c. Capital facility program, authority financing of

eligible projects.

1689-d. Bidding requirements.

1689-e. Biomedical facilities program, authority financing of

eligible projects.

1689-f. Public school districts; dormitory authority financing

of payments made or to be made by the state on

account of certain approved expenditures for capital


1689-g. Local government infrastructure; authority financing

of eligible wireless 911 capital equipment.

1689-h. Expedited deployment funding.

1689-i. Library construction.

1689-i*2. Public school districts; authority financing of

projects under the expanding our children's

education and learning (EXCEL) program.

1690. Contract of the state.

1691. Actions against authority.

1693. Title not affected if in part unconstitutional or


1694. Termination of authority.