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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Agency green building construction requirements
Public Buildings (PBB) CHAPTER 44, ARTICLE 4-C
§ 83. Agency green building construction requirements. 1. The
construction of new buildings and the substantial renovation of existing
buildings shall comply with such green construction requirements and
procedures as shall have been established by the office in regulations
pursuant to subdivision two of this section.

2. The office, in consultation with the authority, the department of
environmental conservation, the department of health, the dormitory
authority of the state of New York, the department of state, the
department of education, the office of parks, recreation and historic
preservation, and any other agency as determined by the office that may
be affected by this article, shall promulgate rules and regulations
establishing construction requirements and procedures necessary to
implement this article, including the exceptions described in section
eighty-two of this article. In establishing such requirements and
procedures, the office may consult green construction requirements and
procedures established or adopted by other agencies, and by private
organizations, including but not limited to the United States green
building council under its leadership in energy and environmental design
programs, the green building initiative's green globes rating system,
and the American National Standards Institute.

3. For purposes of monitoring compliance with this article and this
article's effectiveness, each agency shall prepare by June thirtieth of
each year an annual building performance report in such form and
containing such information as the office may require, which may relate
to such matters as energy consumption, waste reduction, indoor air
quality, water reductions and maintenance procedures and processes. Such
report shall be available to the office upon request.