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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Acquisition after project approved
Public Housing (PBG) CHAPTER 44-A, ARTICLE 7
§ 121. Acquisition after project approved. When a project has been
approved, an authority may purchase, lease or condemn, or obligate
itself to purchase, lease or condemn, real property for a project.
Notwithstanding any other provisions of and in addition to any other
powers granted under this chapter, where all the dwelling units in a
building have been leased by an authority for occupancy by persons or
families of low income in accordance with the provisions of section
twenty-three of the United States housing act of nineteen hundred
thirty-seven, as amended, the prior approval by the local legislative
body of such leasing program shall constitute all necessary approvals
under this chapter for an authority to exercise an option to purchase
such real property.