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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Acquisition of lands for future use
Public Housing (PBG) CHAPTER 44-A, ARTICLE 7
§ 123. Acquisition of lands for future use. Notwithstanding any
provision of law, an authority or a government may acquire by purchase,
gift, condemnation or otherwise, such property as it may deem ultimately
necessary or proper to effectuate the purposes of this chapter or any of
them although temporarily not required for such purposes, provided that
the local legislative body and the planning commission, if any,
authorize such acquisition. The acquisition and use of property under
this section shall be subject to the planning and zoning laws,
ordinances and regulations applicable to the municipality in which the
property is situated. Proceedings to condemn such property shall be
brought by the authority or government in the same manner as for real
property required for a project.