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This entry was published on 2023-01-06
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Searchable ticket database
Public Housing (PBG) CHAPTER 44-A, ARTICLE 13, TITLE 1
§ 402-f. Searchable ticket database. 1. When residents call and file
complaints and/or file a complaint online with the authority, the
authority shall assign the complaint a ticket number. The authority
shall then make available this complaint and corresponding ticket number
on their website and over the phone in a public database which is
searchable by ticket number. Each searchable ticket number shall provide
the following information:

(a) explanation of the complaint;

(b) current status of the ticket;

(c) whether or not the ticket is still open or closed;

(d) any and all action taken on the complaint;

(e) any and all action taken towards solving the complaint;

(f) next steps to be taken, if known; and

(g) any additional information the authority chooses to provide aside
from the mandatory information required under this section.

2. The database shall exclude all personal information such as
apartment numbers, names of residents, and any other identifying