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This entry was published on 2022-08-19
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Civil service and pension system membership
Public Housing (PBG) CHAPTER 44-A, ARTICLE 15
§ 642. Civil service and pension system membership. 1. The trust, for
the purpose of administering the civil service law, shall be subject to
the provisions of the civil service law and the rules of the city
department of citywide administrative services or any successor acting
as the municipal commission of the city. The president of the trust
shall be empowered to act for the trust in all matters relating to
compliance with this subdivision.

2. With respect to persons employed by NYCHA on the effective date of
this section, the trust and NYCHA shall be deemed to be the same public
employer only for purposes of transfer of employment under the civil
service law, which may be made only with the approval of the NYCHA CEO
and the president of the trust. No civil service right of an employee of
NYCHA employed on the effective date of this article shall be lost,
impaired or affected by reason of the enactment of this section into

3. Any person on an eligible list for a position with NYCHA shall
continue to hold such position on such list and shall be entitled to the
same civil service rights. The trust shall continue to use any new or
existing civil service lists promulgated by the department of citywide
administrative services until such time as successor titles are
established. Employees of the trust shall have the same rights and
benefits as employees of NYCHA.

4. Any officer or employee of NYCHA who is transferred to the trust
pursuant to this section and who at the time of such transfer was a
member of the New York city employees' retirement system shall continue
to be a member of such system as long as he or she or they continues in
such service, and shall continue to have all the rights, privileges and
obligations of membership in such system. Employment by the trust shall
constitute city-service for the purposes of chapter one of title
thirteen of the administrative code of the city of New York.