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Notice of application therefor
Public Lands (PBL) CHAPTER 46, ARTICLE 6
§ 77. Notice of application therefor. Every applicant for a grant of
land under water shall, previous to his application, cause notice
thereof to be published at least once a week for four weeks,
successively, in a newspaper printed in the county in which the land so
intended to be applied for is situated, unless the said lands are
situated wholly or in part in a city or village where a newspaper is
published then such notice shall be published in such newspaper; and a
copy of such notice to be posted for the same period upon the door of
the court house of such county or at such other place in or at the court
house as is generally used for the posting of legal notices, and if
there be no court house in the county, at such place as the commissioner
directs. The aforementioned four-week period shall be a full period of
twenty-eight days. In cities having a population of one million or more
inhabitants, the applicant for a grant comprising ten thousand or more
square feet shall also serve personally, or by registered or certified
mail, a written notice containing a description of such land under
water, together with the name and address of the applicant, upon all
owners of waterfront land within three hundred feet from the side
boundaries of the upland of the applicant. For purposes of identifying
such owners of waterfront land, the latest completed assessment roll may
be used in lieu of title search. The applicant shall file with the
commissioner proof of service of such notice at least twenty days prior
to the date of application. However for the purposes of jurisdiction and
the validity of any grant issued under this section, the commissioner's
finding that the notice requirements of this section have been complied
with is final and conclusive.