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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Public Officers (PBO) CHAPTER 47, ARTICLE 1
§ 2. Definitions. The term "state officer" includes every officer for
whom all the electors of the state are entitled to vote, members of the
legislature, justices of the supreme court, regents of the university,
and every officer, appointed by one or more state officers, or by the
legislature, and authorized to exercise his official functions
throughout the entire state, or without limitation to any political
subdivision of the state, except United States senators, members of
congress, and electors for president and vice-president of the United
States. The term "local officer" includes every other officer who is
elected by the electors of a portion only of the state, every officer of
a political subdivision or municipal corporation of the state, and every
officer limited in the execution of his official functions to a portion
only of the state. The office of a state officer is a state office. The
office of a local officer is a local office.