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Notice of existence of vacancy
Public Officers (PBO) CHAPTER 47, ARTICLE 3
§ 37. Notice of existence of vacancy. When a judgment shall be
rendered by any court convicting an officer of a felony, or of a crime
involving a violation of his oath of office, or declaring the election
or appointment of any officer to be void, or that the office of any
officer has been forfeited or become vacant, the clerk of such court
shall give notice thereof to the governor, stating the cause of such
conviction or judgment.

Whenever a public officer shall die before the expiration of his term
of office, or shall cease to be a resident of the political subdivision
of the state or a municipal corporation in which he is required to be a
resident as a condition of continuing in the office, the county clerk of
the county in which such officer shall have resided immediately prior to
such death or removal, shall immediately give notice of such death or
removal to the governor. If the governor is not authorized to fill any
vacancy of which he shall have notice, he shall forthwith give notice of
the existence of such vacancy to the officer or officers, or to the body
or board of officers authorized to fill the vacancy, or if such vacancy
may be filled by an election, to the officers authorized to give notice
of such election.