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Appointment by the governor and senate
Public Officers (PBO) CHAPTER 47, ARTICLE 2
§ 7. Appointment by the governor and senate. An appointment to an
office by the governor by and with the advice and consent of the senate,
shall be made by communicating to the senate, while in session, a
written nomination of a person for the office, designating the residence
of the nominee, and if nominated to be an officer of a political
subdivision of the state, designating also such subdivision, and if
nominating two or more persons to the same office for different terms,
designating the term for which each is nominated. If such nomination be
of a successor to a predecessor in the same office, it may be made and
acted upon by the senate after the expiration of the term or occurrence
of a vacancy in the office of such predecessor, or at any time during
the legislative session of the calendar year in which the term of office
of such predecessor shall expire or in which the office shall become
vacant. If the appointment be made before the expiration of the term of
such predecessor, the term of office of the appointee shall commence
upon the expiration of the term of such predecessor, or if made to fill
a vacancy, upon the occurrence of such vacancy, or immediately if a
vacancy already exist. If the senate shall reject such nomination, the
secretary of the senate shall forthwith communicate, by writing, signed
by him and by the president of the senate, to the governor the fact of
such rejection. If the senate shall confirm such nomination the
appointment shall be deemed complete, and thereupon duplicate
certificates of the confirmation shall be made and signed by the
president and secretary of the senate, who shall cause one to be
delivered to the governor and the other to the secretary of state, who
shall record the same in his office in a book kept for that purpose.