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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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IntraLATA presubscribed interexchange carrier-change charge study
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48, ARTICLE 5
§ 102. IntraLATA presubscribed interexchange carrier-change charge
study. 1. As used in this section, the following terms have the
following meanings:

(a) "Provider of telephone service" means a telephone corporation that
provides intraLATA or local exchange telephone service to end-use

(b) "Customer change of use charges" means intraLATA presubscribed
interexchange carrier-change charges, that any provider of residential
or single-line business telephone service levies upon the customer for
the customer's change in intraLATA presubscribed interexchange carrier
service or complete termination of that service.

(c) "Customer local calling plan" means any residential or single-line
business telephone plan, exclusively for the purpose of completing
regional intraLATA calls, offered by any telegraph corporation or
telephone corporation, subject to section ninety of this article.

2. The commission shall conduct a study to analyze trends associated
with customer change of use charges related to changes of a customer's
local calling plan and determine the extent to which these changes take
place and the actual cost for a provider of telephone service to make
all the necessary changes associated with such a change. From its
findings, the commission shall publish a report regarding the activity
related to changes in local calling plans and the costs associated with
the changes of such plans. The report must be published within one
hundred twenty days of the effective date of this section. A copy of the
report must be furnished to the temporary president of the senate, the
speaker of the assembly, the chairperson of the senate standing
committee on energy and telecommunications, and the chairperson of the
assembly standing committee on corporations, authorities and

3. In cases where the customer's calling plan was altered by, or on
behalf of, a telegraph corporation and/or telephone corporation subject
to section ninety of this article, other than the customer's provider of
telephone service, the telegraph corporation or telephone corporation
shall pay the customer change of use charges to the provider of
telephone service.

4. The commission shall notify customers of its findings on its
official world wide web website.