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Scope of plan
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48, ARTICLE 7-A
§ 135-d. Scope of plan. 1. Each utility shall adopt and implement a
home conservation plan as approved by the commission, and shall offer
participation to its customers. The availability of the plan shall be
publicized by the utility to encourage customer participation.

2. The commission may provide that any such plan shall provide
participating customers with the opportunity to enter into a financing
contract and security agreement with the sponsoring utility for the
amount financed. If such an agreement is entered into, the commission
shall require the payment of interest by each participant on the amount
financed by such participant in accordance with the provisions of this

3. Each plan shall provide for the installation and financing of one
or more types of energy conservation measures and provide for the
performance of energy audits.

4. Where any plan includes financing by a utility, any such plan shall
include the maximum rate of interest chargeable by the utility on any
amounts financed hereunder; allowable repayment periods; probable
sources of and methods by which the utility will raise funds to carry
out the plan; and such other information and matters as the commission
deems necessary and appropriate to effectuate the purposes of this

5. The chairman, with the assistance of such public and private
entities as he shall select, shall prepare, administer and finance a
program to promote wide public awareness of the availability and
benefits of the home conservation plans, energy conservation measures
and energy audits authorized by this article. Such programs may include,
but not be limited to, promotion of the plans, measures and audits
through the media and through the utilities. Funds for financing any
such program shall be made available to the chairman from moneys
provided the department pursuant to the assessment provisions of section
eighteen-a of this chapter, provided however, that such funds shall not
exceed two million dollars in any state fiscal year and the
authorization for using assessment funds to finance any such program
shall expire June first, nineteen hundred ninety-six.

6. Each plan shall include a training program and experience
requirements for auditors so they are familiar with the energy
conservation criteria and energy conservation measures provided by this
article. In addition, each plan shall assure that utility employees who
regularly deal with the public can provide information about the scope
and benefits of the plans.

7. Each plan may include provision for the participation of
not-for-profit neighborhood preservation or development organizations in
order to promote energy audits and to explain methods of conserving
energy to the community.