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Energy audits
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48, ARTICLE 7-A
§ 135-f. Energy audits. 1. Upon the request of either an eligible
customer or a landlord, each utility shall conduct an energy audit of
the customer's residential premises or the landlord's multiple dwelling
and promptly provide the results of the audit to such customer or
landlord in a manner prescribed by the chairman. No charge shall be made
for such audits. In addition, on or before March first, nineteen hundred
eighty-two, each utility shall, as part of the promotional program
established by the chairman, (i) inform each of its eligible customers
in writing that an energy audit of the customer's residential premises
is available without charge, and (ii) inform each landlord in writing
that an energy audit of his multifamily dwelling is available at a
charge which shall be set by the chairman and not exceed five hundred
dollars for each building; except in multiple building complexes, heated
by a single, central boiler system. In such cases, the commission shall
set fair and reasonable audit fees. A customer or landlord shall only be
eligible for one audit under this section, provided however, that a
customer who received an audit prior to the inclusion of solar or wind
energy systems within the home conservation plans authorized by this
article shall be entitled to a second limited audit to consider the
energy savings and costs that would result from adding solar or wind
energy systems to his premises.

2. Each audit shall include:

(a) estimates of the energy conservation measures, if any, needed to
comply with applicable minimum criteria;

(b) estimates of available options for meeting such criteria, together
with their relative costs and pay-back periods, and relative potential
energy and cost savings on a monthly and yearly basis, a comparison of
initial cost and pay-back periods for customer installation and for
contractor installation and the price of fuel on which any comparison is

(c) for the purposes of this section, the term "energy conservation
measures" shall mean, when used with respect to audits provided
landlords, those measures set forth for multifamily dwellings in Title
VII of the National Energy Conservation Policy Act together with such
other measures consistent with the standards of this article as the
chairman shall specify.