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Reports; miscellaneous
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48, ARTICLE 7-A
§ 135-k. Reports; miscellaneous. 1. During the first three years of
operation of an approved home conservation plan, each utility shall
submit to the commission annually a summary report setting forth such
information as the commission may deem relevant to monitor and evaluate
the progress of the program.

2. On or before the thirty-first day of May, nineteen hundred
eighty-seven and annually on that day thereafter, up to and including
May thirty-first, nineteen hundred ninety-six, the commission shall
report to the governor and the legislature on the progress of the
program regarding the effect of the program on conservation of fuel and
energy, cost savings to customers, expense to rate payers, environmental
benefits, and estimated effects on the state's economy. The reports
furthermore, shall detail any problems encountered in administration of
the program and its implementation and shall include recommendations for
its improvement and possible extension.

3. It is the purpose of this article, to the maximum extent permitted,
to incorporate into the home conservation program established by this
article any advantages to be secured by integration of federal and state
home conservation programs, to secure maximum federal assistance to the
program, when and if available, for such purposes, and to the customers
and utilities participating therein.

4. No utility shall utilize its home conservation program to influence
a customer to convert from one energy source to another, except with the
consent of the customer.