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Landlord-tenant relationship
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48, ARTICLE 11
§ 228. Landlord-tenant relationship. 1. No landlord shall (a)
interfere with the installation of cable television facilities upon his
property or premises, except that a landlord may require:

(1) that the installation of cable television facilities conform to
such reasonable conditions as are necessary to protect the safety,
functioning and appearance of the premises, and the convenience and well
being of other tenants;

(2) that the cable television company or the tenant or a combination
thereof bear the entire cost of the installation, operation or removal
of such facilities; and

(3) that the cable television company agree to indemnify the landlord
for any damage caused by the installation, operation or removal of such

(b) demand or accept payment from any tenant, in any form, in exchange
for permitting cable television service on or within his property or
premises, or from any cable television company in exchange therefor in
excess of any amount which the commission shall, by regulation,
determine to be reasonable; or

(c) discriminate in rental charges or otherwise, between tenants who
receive cable television service and those who do not.

2. Rental agreements and leases executed prior to January first,
nineteen hundred seventy-three may be enforced notwithstanding this

3. No cable television company may enter into any agreement with the
owners, lessees or persons controlling or managing buildings served by a
cable television company, or do or permit any act, that would have the
effect, directly or indirectly of diminishing or interfering with
existing rights of any tenant or other occupant of such building to use
or avail himself of master or individual antenna equipment.