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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Approval of incorporation and franchises; certificate
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48, ARTICLE 4-A
§ 81. Approval of incorporation and franchises; certificate. No steam
corporation shall begin construction of a steam plant without first
having obtained the permission and approval of the commission. No such
corporation shall exercise any right or privilege under any franchise
hereafter granted, or under any franchise heretofore granted but not
heretofore actually exercised, or the exercise of which shall have been
suspended for more than one year, without first having obtained the
permission and approval of the commission. Before such certificate shall
be issued a certified copy of the charter of such corporation shall be
filed in the office of the commission, together with a verified
statement of the president and secretary of the corporation, showing
that it has received the required consent of the proper municipal
authorities. The commission shall have power to grant the permission and
approval herein specified whenever it shall after due hearing determine
that such construction or such exercise of the right, privilege or
franchise is necessary or convenient for the public service.

No municipality shall build, maintain and operate for other than
municipal purposes any works or systems for the manufacture and
supplying of steam for purposes without a certificate of authority
granted by the commission. If the certificate of authority is refused,
no further proceedings shall be taken by such municipality before the
commission, but a new application may be made therefor after one year
from the date of such refusal.