1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Penal
  4. Part 3: Specific Offenses
  5. Title H: Offenses Against the Person Involving Physical Injury, Sexual Conduct, Restraint and Intimidation
  6. Article 121: Strangulation and Related Offenses

Section 121.13-A Aggravated strangulation

Penal (PEN)

  A person is guilty of aggravated strangulation when, being a police officer as defined in subdivision thirty-four of section 1.20 of the criminal procedure law or a peace officer as defined in section 2.10 of the criminal procedure law, he or she commits the crime of criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation, as defined in section 121.11 of this article, or uses a chokehold or similar restraint, as described in paragraph b of subdivision one of section eight hundred thirty-seven-t of the executive law, and thereby causes serious physical injury or death to another person.

  Aggravated strangulation is a class C felony.