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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 200.56
Corrupt use of position or authority
§ 200.56 Corrupt use of position or authority.

A person is guilty of corrupt use of position or authority if such

1. While holding public office, or being nominated or seeking a
nomination therefor, corruptly uses or promises to use, directly, or
indirectly, any official authority or influence possessed or
anticipated, in the way of conferring upon any person, or in order to
secure, or aid any person in securing, any office or public employment,
or any nomination, confirmation, promotion or increase of salary, upon
consideration that the vote or political influence or action of the
person so to be benefited or of any other person, shall be given or used
in behalf of any candidate, officer or party or upon any other corrupt
condition or consideration; or

2. Being a public officer or employee of the state or a political
subdivision having, or claiming to have, any authority or influence
affecting the nomination, public employment, confirmation, promotion,
removal or increase or decrease of salary of any public officer or
employee, corruptly promises or threatens to use any such authority or
influence, directly or indirectly to affect the vote or political action
of any such public officer or employee, or on account of the vote or
political action of such officer or employee; or

3. Corruptly makes, tenders or offers to procure, or cause any
nomination or appointment for any public office or place, or accepts or
requests any such nomination or appointment, upon the payment or
contribution of any valuable consideration, or upon an understanding or
promise thereof; or

4. Corruptly makes any gift, promise or contribution to any person,
upon the condition or consideration of receiving an appointment or
election to a public office or a position of public employment, or for
receiving or retaining any such office or position, or promotion,
privilege, increase of salary or compensation therein, or exemption from
removal or discharge therefrom.

Corrupt use of position or authority is a class E felony.