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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 215.70
Unlawful grand jury disclosure
§ 215.70 Unlawful grand jury disclosure.

A person is guilty of unlawful grand jury disclosure when, being a
grand juror, a public prosecutor, a grand jury stenographer, a grand
jury interpreter, a police officer or a peace officer guarding a witness
in a grand jury proceeding, or a clerk, attendant, warden or other
public servant having official duties in or about a grand jury room or
proceeding, or a public officer or public employee, he intentionally
discloses to another the nature or substance of any grand jury
testimony, or any decision, result or other matter attending a grand
jury proceeding which is required by law to be kept secret, except in
the proper discharge of his official duties or upon written order of the
court. Nothing contained herein shall prohibit a witness from
disclosing his own testimony.

Unlawful grand jury disclosure is a class E felony.