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This entry was published on 2020-06-19
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SECTION 240.35
§ 240.35 Loitering.

A person is guilty of loitering when he:

2. Loiters or remains in a public place for the purpose of gambling
with cards, dice or other gambling paraphernalia; or

5. Loiters or remains in or about school grounds, a college or
university building or grounds or a children's overnight camp as defined
in section one thousand three hundred ninety-two of the public health
law or a summer day camp as defined in section one thousand three
hundred ninety-two of the public health law, or loiters, remains in or
enters a school bus as defined in section one hundred forty-two of the
vehicle and traffic law, not having any reason or relationship involving
custody of or responsibility for a pupil or student, or any other
specific, legitimate reason for being there, and not having written
permission from anyone authorized to grant the same or loiters or
remains in or about such children's overnight camp or summer day camp in
violation of conspicuously posted rules or regulations governing entry
and use thereof; or

6. Loiters or remains in any transportation facility, unless
specifically authorized to do so, for the purpose of soliciting or
engaging in any business, trade or commercial transactions involving the
sale of merchandise or services, or for the purpose of entertaining
persons by singing, dancing or playing any musical instrument; or

Loitering is a violation.