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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 250.20
Divulging an eavesdropping warrant
§ 250.20 Divulging an eavesdropping warrant.

A person is guilty of divulging an eavesdropping warrant when,
possessing information concerning the existence or content of an
eavesdropping warrant issued pursuant to article seven hundred of the
criminal procedure law, or concerning any circumstances attending an
application for such a warrant, he discloses such information to another
person; except that such disclosure is not criminal or unlawful when
permitted by section 700.65 of the criminal procedure law or when made
to a state or federal agency specifically authorized by law to receive
reports concerning eavesdropping warrants, or when made in a legal
proceeding, or to a law enforcement officer or agency connected with the
application for such warrant, or to a legislative committee or temporary
state commission, or to the telephone or telegraph corporation whose
facilities are involved, or to any entity operating an electronic
communications service whose facilities are involved.

Divulging an eavesdropping warrant is a class A misdemeanor.