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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 260.00
Abandonment of a child
§ 260.00 Abandonment of a child.

1. A person is guilty of abandonment of a child when, being a parent,
guardian or other person legally charged with the care or custody of a
child less than fourteen years old, he or she deserts such child in any
place with intent to wholly abandon such child.

2. A person is not guilty of the provisions of this section when he or
she engages in the conduct described in subdivision one of this section:
(a) with the intent that the child be safe from physical injury and
cared for in an appropriate manner; (b) the child is left with an
appropriate person, or in a suitable location and the person who leaves
the child promptly notifies an appropriate person of the child's
location; and (c) the child is not more than thirty days old.

Abandonment of a child is a class E felony.