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This entry was published on 2019-11-08
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SECTION 265.01-A
Criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds
§ 265.01-a Criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds.

A person is guilty of criminal possession of a weapon on school
grounds when he or she knowingly has in his or her possession a rifle,
shotgun, or firearm in or upon a building or grounds, used for
educational purposes, of any school, college, or university, except the
forestry lands, wherever located, owned, maintained or held in trust for
the benefit of the New York State College of Forestry at Syracuse
University, now known as the State University of New York college of
environmental science and forestry, or upon a school bus as defined in
section one hundred forty-two of the vehicle and traffic law, without
the written authorization of such educational institution; provided,
however no school, as defined in subdivision ten of section eleven
hundred twenty-five of the education law, shall issue such written
authorization to any teacher, school administrator, or other person
employed at the school who is not primarily employed as a school
resource officer, police officer, peace officer, or security guard who
has been issued a special armed guard registration card as defined in
section eighty-nine-f of the general business law, regardless of whether
the person is employed directly by such school or by a third party.

Criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds is a class E felony.