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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 460.50
Enterprise corruption; prosecution
§ 460.50 Enterprise corruption; prosecution.

1. Subject to the provisions of section 460.60 of this article, a
charge of enterprise corruption may be prosecuted by: (a) the district
attorney of any county with jurisdiction over the offense pursuant to
section 460.40 of this article; (b) the deputy attorney general in
charge of the statewide organized crime task force when authorized by
subdivision seven of section seventy-a of the executive law; or (c) the
attorney general when he is otherwise authorized by law to prosecute
each of the criminal acts specifically included in the pattern of
criminal activity alleged in the enterprise corruption charge.

2. For purposes of paragraph (c) of subdivision one of this section, a
criminal act or an offense is specifically included in a pattern of
criminal activity when the count of the accusatory instrument charging a
person with enterprise corruption alleges a pattern of criminal activity
and the act is alleged to be a criminal act within the pattern of
criminal activity.