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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 470.25
Money laundering; fines
§ 470.25 Money laundering; fines.

1. Any person convicted of a violation of section 470.05, 470.10,
470.15, or 470.20 of this article may be sentenced to pay a fine not in
excess of two times the value of the monetary instruments which are the
proceeds of specified criminal activity. When a fine is imposed pursuant
to this subdivision, the court shall make a finding as to the value of
such monetary instrument or instruments. If the record does not contain
sufficient evidence to support such a finding the court may conduct a
hearing upon the issue. In imposing a fine, the court shall consider the
seriousness of the conduct, whether the amount of the fine is
disproportionate to the conduct in which he engaged, its impact on
victims, as well as the economic circumstances of the convicted person,
including the effect of the imposition of such a fine upon his immediate

2. The imposition of a fine pursuant to subdivision one of this
section or paragraph b of subdivision one of section 80.00 of this
chapter, shall preclude the imposition of any other order or judgment of
forfeiture or fine based upon the same criminal conduct.