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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Sentence of imprisonment for persistent felony offender
§ 70.10 Sentence of imprisonment for persistent felony offender.

1. Definition of persistent felony offender.

(a) A persistent felony offender is a person, other than a persistent
violent felony offender as defined in section 70.08, who stands
convicted of a felony after having previously been convicted of two or
more felonies, as provided in paragraphs (b) and (c) of this

(b) A previous felony conviction within the meaning of paragraph (a)
of this subdivision is a conviction of a felony in this state, or of a
crime in any other jurisdiction, provided:

(i) that a sentence to a term of imprisonment in excess of one year,
or a sentence to death, was imposed therefor; and

(ii) that the defendant was imprisoned under sentence for such
conviction prior to the commission of the present felony; and

(iii) that the defendant was not pardoned on the ground of innocence;

(iv) that such conviction was for a felony offense other than
persistent sexual abuse, as defined in section 130.53 of this chapter.

(c) For the purpose of determining whether a person has two or more
previous felony convictions, two or more convictions of crimes that were
committed prior to the time the defendant was imprisoned under sentence
for any of such convictions shall be deemed to be only one conviction.

2. Authorized sentence. When the court has found, pursuant to the
provisions of the criminal procedure law, that a person is a persistent
felony offender, and when it is of the opinion that the history and
character of the defendant and the nature and circumstances of his
criminal conduct indicate that extended incarceration and life-time
supervision will best serve the public interest, the court, in lieu of
imposing the sentence of imprisonment authorized by section 70.00,
70.02, 70.04, 70.06 or subdivision five of section 70.80 for the crime
of which such person presently stands convicted, may impose the sentence
of imprisonment authorized by that section for a class A-I felony. In
such event the reasons for the court's opinion shall be set forth in the