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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Proceeds to be paid into fund
Personal Property (PEP) CHAPTER 41, ARTICLE 7-B
§ 258. Proceeds to be paid into fund. Proceeds from the sale of lost
property, less lawful deductions, or the money constituting lost
property, shall be paid into the treasury of the county, city, town or
village in the police department of which the property was deposited
unless otherwise provided pursuant to section two hundred fifty of the
general municipal law or other applicable statute, or into the abandoned
property fund of the state if the property was deposited with the state
police, the capital buildings police or the regional state park police
or returned to a safe deposit company or bank pursuant to section two
hundred fifty-six of this chapter, or into a fund established pursuant
to subdivision eight of section three hundred fifty-five of the
education law if the property was deposited with a security officer or
police officer appointed by the state university.