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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Buyer's or other obligor's right to cancel
Personal Property (PEP) CHAPTER 41, ARTICLE 10-B
§ 442. Buyer's or other obligor's right to cancel. 1. In addition to
any other right otherwise to revoke an offer, the buyer or other person
obligated for any part of the purchase price may cancel the telephone
sale until midnight of the third business day after the day on which the
buyer has received written notice from the seller notifying the buyer of
his right to cancel the telephone sale.

2. Cancellation occurs when written notice of cancellation is given to
the seller.

3. Notice of cancellation shall be deemed given when deposited in a
mailbox properly addressed and postage prepaid.

4. Notice of cancellation shall be deemed received on midnight of the
fifth day after it is deemed given.

5. Notice of cancellation need not take the form prescribed and shall
be sufficient if it indicates the intention of the buyer not to be