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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Assignment of Earnings
Personal Property (PEP) CHAPTER 41

Section 46. Definitions.

46-a. No implied repeal.

46-b. Assignments of future earnings collectible only as


46-c. Formal requisites of assignments of less than one thousand

dollars and of assignments securing certain guarantees

amounting to fifteen hundred dollars or less.

46-d. Guarantee of certain purchases secured by assignment of


46-e. Personal execution of assignment by assignor; delivery of

copies of papers.

46-f. Limit on interest and other charges.

47. Public filing of assignment before filing with employer.

47-a. Place of filing.

47-b. Filing, entering and indexing.

47-c. Refiling.

47-d. Cancellation of assignment.

47-e. Vacating of an assignment, by order of a court.

48. Notice to be mailed to assignor prior to filing with


48-a. Manner of collection; percentage of earnings deductible;

restriction against multiple deductions.

48-b. Amount of exempt earnings.

48-c. Assignment of future earnings by person unemployed; effect

of loss of employment.

48-d. Payroll deductions not included.

49. Certain provisions not applicable to banks, trust

companies or credit unions.

49-a. Statement to be filed by lenders upon assignment.