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This entry was published on 2020-10-16
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Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law (PML) CHAPTER 47-A, ARTICLE 10
§ 1001. Definitions. As used in this article, in addition to the
definitions set forth in section one hundred one of this chapter, the
following terms shall have the following meanings:

a. "Simulcast" means the telecast of live audio and visual signals of
running, harness or quarter horse races for the purposes of pari-mutuel

b. "Track" means the grounds or enclosures within which horse races
are conducted by any person, association or corporation lawfully
authorized to conduct such races in accordance with the terms and
conditions of this chapter or the laws of another jurisdiction;

c. "Sending track" means any track from which simulcasts originate;

d. "Receiving track" means any track where simulcasts originated from
another track are displayed;

e. "Applicant" means any association, corporation or business entity
applying for a simulcast license in accordance with the provisions of
this article;

f. "Operator" means any association, corporation or business entity
operating a simulcast facility in accordance with the provisions of this

g. "Regional track or tracks" means any or all tracks located within a
region defined as an off-track betting region, except that for the
purposes of section one thousand eight of this article any track located
in New York city, or Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties, shall be
deemed a regional track for all regions located in district one, as
defined in this section;

h. "Branch office" means an establishment maintained and operated by
an off-track betting corporation, where off-track pari-mutuel betting on
horse races may be placed in accordance with the terms and conditions of
this chapter and rules and regulations issued pursuant thereto;

i. "Simulcast facility" means those facilities within the state that
are authorized pursuant to the provisions of this article to display
simulcasts for pari-mutuel wagering purposes;

j. "Off-track betting region" means those regions as defined in
section five hundred nineteen of this chapter;

k. "Simulcast theater" means a simulcast facility that is also a
public entertainment and wagering facility, which may include any or all
of the following: a large-screen television projection and display unit,
a display system for odds, pools, and payout prices, areas for viewing
and seating, a food and beverage facility, and any other convenience
currently provided at racetracks and not inconsistent with local zoning

l. "Simulcast districts" means one or more of the following named
districts comprising the counties within which pari-mutuel racing events
are conducted as follows:

District 1 New York City, Suffolk, Nassau, and

Westchester counties

District 2 Sullivan county

District 3 Saratoga county

District 4 Oneida county

District 5 Erie, Genesee and Ontario counties

m. "Initial out-of-state thoroughbred track" means the track
commencing full-card simulcasting to New York prior to any other
out-of-state thoroughbred track after 1:00 PM on any calendar day.

n. "Second out-of-state thoroughbred track" means the track (or
subsequent track or tracks where otherwise authorized by this article)
conducting full-card simulcasting to New York after the race program
from the initial out-of-state thoroughbred track that has commenced
simulcasting on any calendar day.

o. "Mixed meeting" means a race meeting that has a combination of
thoroughbred, quarter horse, Appaloosa, paint, and/or Arabian racing on
the same race program.

p. "Account wagering" means a form of pari-mutuel wagering in which a
person establishes an account with an account wagering licensee and
subsequently communicates via telephone or other electronic media to the
account wagering licensee wagering instructions concerning the funds in
such person's account and wagers to be placed on the account owner's

q. "Account wagering licensee" means racing associations, and
corporations; franchised corporations, off-track betting corporations,
and commission-approved multi-jurisdictional account wagering providers
that have been authorized by the commission to offer account wagering.

r. "Dormant account" means an account wagering account held by an
account wagering licensee in which there has been no wagering activity
for three years.

s. "Multi-jurisdictional account wagering provider" means a business
entity domiciled in a jurisdiction, other than the state of New York,
that does not operate either a simulcast facility that is open to the
public within the state of New York or a licensed or franchised
racetrack within the state, but which is licensed by such other
jurisdiction to offer pari-mutuel account wagering on races such
provider simulcasts and other races it offers in its wagering menu to
persons located in or out of the jurisdiction issuing such license.