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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Gaming employee registration
Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law (PML) CHAPTER 47-A, ARTICLE 13, TITLE 3
§ 1324. Gaming employee registration. 1. No person may commence
employment as a gaming employee unless such person has a valid
registration on file with the commission, which registration shall be
prepared and filed in accordance with the regulations promulgated

2. A gaming employee registrant shall produce such information as the
commission by regulation may require. Subsequent to the registration of
a gaming employee, the executive director may revoke, suspend, limit, or
otherwise restrict the registration upon a finding that the registrant
is disqualified on the basis of the criteria contained in section one
thousand three hundred eighteen of this title. If a gaming employee
registrant has not been employed in any position within a gaming
facility for a period of three years, the registration of that gaming
employee shall lapse.

3. No gaming employee registration shall be denied or revoked on the
basis of a misdemeanor conviction of any of the offenses enumerated in
this article as disqualification criteria or the commission of any act
or acts which would constitute any offense under section one thousand
three hundred eighteen of this title, provided that the registrant has
affirmatively demonstrated the registrant's rehabilitation, pursuant to
article twenty-three-A of the correction law.

4. For the purposes of this section, each registrant shall submit to
the commission the registrant's name, address, fingerprints and written
consent for a criminal history information to be performed. The
commission is hereby authorized to exchange fingerprint data with and
receive criminal history information as defined in paragraph (c) of
subdivision one of section eight hundred forty-five-b of the executive
law from the state division of criminal justice services and the federal
bureau of investigation consistent with applicable state and federal
laws, rules and regulations. The registrant shall pay the fee for such
criminal history information as established pursuant to article
thirty-five of the executive law. The state division of criminal justice
services shall promptly notify the commission in the event a current or
prospective licensee, who was the subject of a criminal history
information pursuant to this section, is arrested for a crime or offense
in this state after the date the check was performed.

5. Upon receipt of such criminal history information, the Commission
shall provide such applicant with a copy of such criminal history
information, together with a copy of article twenty-three-A of the
correction law, and inform such applicant of his or her right to seek
correction of any incorrect information contained in such criminal
history information pursuant to regulations and procedures established
by the division of criminal justice services. Except as otherwise
provided by law, such criminal history information shall be confidential
and any person who willfully permits the release of such confidential
criminal history information to persons not permitted to receive such
information shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.