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This entry was published on 2020-10-16
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Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law (PML) CHAPTER 47-A, ARTICLE 5
§ 501. Definitions. As used in this article, in addition to the
definitions set forth in section one hundred one of this chapter, the
following terms shall mean and include:

1. "Board of directors." The board of directors of a corporation as
such board is constituted pursuant to section five hundred two of this

2. "Corporation." Each regional off-track betting corporation, as
created by section five hundred two of this article.

3. "Participating county." Any of the counties in a region which have
elected to join a corporation in the manner provided for in section five
hundred two of this article.

4. "Bonds and notes." Bonds and notes, respectively, authorized and
issued by the corporation pursuant to this article.

5. "Cost of corporation's functions." All costs and expenses incurred
by the corporation in connection with carrying out the functions as
described by this article, including, but not limited to, operating
expenses of the corporation, the costs of acquisition, construction or
equipment of branch offices and other facilities of the corporation, and
interest and principal on bonds, notes or other obligations of the
corporation issued to finance the acquisition, construction or equipment
of such offices, facilities or premises.

6. "Region." The several regions defined by subdivision one of section
five hundred nineteen of this chapter.

7. "Track." The grounds or enclosure within which horse races are
conducted by any person, association or corporation lawfully authorized
to conduct such races.

8. "Governing body." The appropriate county legislative body.

9. "Branch office." An establishment maintained and operated by the
corporation, where off-track, pari-mutuel betting on horse races may be
placed in accordance with the terms and conditions of this article and
the rules and regulations issued pursuant thereto.

10. "Enabling legislation." A local law, ordinance or resolution
subject to a permissive referendum pursuant to the municipal home rule