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This entry was published on 2020-10-16
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Powers of the corporation
Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law (PML) CHAPTER 47-A, ARTICLE 6
§ 604. Powers of the corporation. The corporation shall have power:

1. To sue and be sued;

2. To have a seal and to alter the same at its pleasure;

3. To acquire, hold, lease, rent and dispose of personal property for
its corporate purpose;

4. To acquire, in the name of the state, by purchase, condemnation,
gift, grant or devise or otherwise, and to use, real property which is
necessary or convenient for carrying out its corporate purpose; provided
that the corporation shall not condemn any real property without first
having obtained the consent of the mayor. All real property acquired by
the corporation by condemnation shall be acquired in the manner provided
by law for the condemnation of real property by the state;

5. To make by-laws for the management and regulation of its affairs;

6. With the consent of the state, to use agents, officers, employees,
and facilities of the state, paying to the state its agreed proportion
of the compensation or costs;

7. To appoint officers, agents and employees, to prescribe their
qualifications and to fix their compensation; subject, however, to the
provisions of section six hundred six of this article;

8. To make contracts and leases, including joint ventures with third
parties or entities, and to execute all instruments necessary or
convenient to accomplish its corporate purpose; provided, however, that
the corporation may only enter into agreements for the purchase or lease
of any property to be used in whole or in part as an off-track betting
branch office which is conditioned upon the location thereof being
approved by the site selection board; and further provided, that such
location prior to its use as such off-track betting branch office shall
have been approved by the site selection board;

9. To construct such buildings, structures and facilities as may be

10. To accept grants, loans and contributions from the United States,
the state or any agency or instrumentality of either of them, or the
city, or any person, including gifts or transfers by bequest or
otherwise, and to use same or expend the proceeds thereof for its
corporate purpose;

11. In the manner and subject to the terms and conditions set forth in
this article, and article five-a of this chapter to establish and
conduct a system of off-track pari-mutuel betting in the city on horse

12. a. To promulgate, amend and repeal such rules and regulations,
consistent with the provisions of this article, as it may deem necessary
or desirable for the carrying out of the purposes of this article. Such
rules and regulations shall have the force and effect of law.

b. No rule or regulation promulgated by the corporation pursuant to
the provisions of this subdivision shall be effective until a copy
thereof is filed with the commission.

c. Any violation of any rule or regulation, filed with the commission
and designated by the letter "R" by resolution of the board of directors
of the corporation, shall be an offense triable by a judge of the
criminal court of the city, and shall be punishable by imprisonment for
not more than six months, or by a fine of not more than one thousand
dollars, or by both such imprisonment and fine. All such fines collected
shall be paid into the general fund of the state. Any such rule or
regulation shall be effective, notwithstanding that any act or omission
made an offense or punishable thereby may be a crime or offense or
punishable under any other provision of law;

13. To perform such other acts and engage in such other activities as
may be necessary and proper for exercising its powers and performing its
duties under this article.