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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Responsibilities of the New York state library
New York State Printing and Public Documents (PPD) CHAPTER 58, ARTICLE 3
§ 11. Responsibilities of the New York state library. 1. It shall be
the responsibility of the state library to serve as the central
repository for the distribution of all public documents. In accordance
with this responsibility the state library shall establish a public
documents distribution system consisting of depository libraries
throughout New York state which shall be known as the "New York state
document depository system" and shall be responsible for the maintenance
and distribution of documents within this depository system.

2. The state library, in consultation with state agencies, shall
develop a list specifying which public documents are core documents. The
total number of core documents shall not exceed twenty-five. The list of
core documents shall form the basis of the New York state documents
reference center, documents depository and documents research library

3. The gifts and exchange division of the state library is designated
as the center for the collection of public documents for distribution
throughout the depository system.