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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Private Housing Finance (PVH) CHAPTER 44-B, ARTICLE 20
§ 1121. Definitions. For the purposes of this article:

1. "Agency" shall mean the New York state housing finance agency
created by section forty-three of this chapter.

2. "Cooperative project" or "project" shall mean any manufactured home
park property which, subsequent to receiving assistance under this
article, will be owned as a cooperative by the owners of the
manufactured homes situated therein.

3. "Eligible applicant" shall mean a manufactured home residents'
association representing a majority of the manufactured home residents,
a manufactured home park cooperative, a municipality, a housing
development fund company incorporated pursuant to article eleven of this
chapter, or any not-for-profit corporation or charitable organization
which has as one of its primary purposes the improvement of housing.

4. "Infrastructure improvement" shall mean the construction,
reconstruction, improvement, reconditioning, and preservation, including
the acquisition of real property and interests therein required or
expected to be required in connection therewith, of roads, bridges,
sewage and water collection and disposal systems, lighting districts,
sidewalks, and other capital projects which will benefit the cooperative
as a whole.

5. "Manufactured home park" shall mean a manufactured home park as
defined in section two hundred thirty-three of the real property law.

6. "Manufactured home park cooperative" shall mean a corporation or
other entity formed for the purpose of owning a manufactured home park
wherein the ownership of such shares, membership interest or certificate
of membership will entitle the owners or holders thereof to occupancy in
such park pursuant to section three hundred fifty-two-e of the general
business law.