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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Private Housing Finance (PVH) CHAPTER 44-B, ARTICLE 21
§ 1131. Definitions. 1. "Eligible applicant" shall mean a public
benefit corporation, not-for-profit corporation or charitable
organization whose purpose includes the construction or rehabilitation
of affordable housing or a municipality.

2. "Infrastructure improvements" shall mean the installation or
upgrading of water and sewer lines to a public connection, the
installation or upgrading of private wells and sanitary systems, storm
sewers and road and sidewalk construction where required by local zoning
ordinances and the installation of gas and electric lines and other site
improvements or site preparation which is necessary for the creation of
affordable housing.

3. "Affordable housing project" shall mean residential housing being
rehabilitated or constructed in conjunction with a state, federal or
local program to produce affordable housing.

4. "Agency" shall mean the New York state housing finance agency.

5. "Municipality" shall mean a county, city, town or village.