1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Private Housing Finance
  4. Article 5: Redevelopment Companies

Section 118 Fees

Private Housing Finance (PVH)

The supervising agency, the local legislative body and the planning commission, if any, may each adopt a reasonable schedule of fees to be paid by redevelopment companies upon the filing with said supervising agency, local legislative body or planning commission of a plan, plans for a project or projects, amendments thereto and other instruments in connection therewith and redevelopment companies shall pay reasonable fees to the said supervising agency as said agency shall prescribe for processing a redevelopment plan and for the supervision of construction and for the audit, regulation and general supervision of the management of the company, which fees shall be set aside in a separate account and shall be used to pay for the expenses of administering and carrying out the provisions of the redevelopment companies law.