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Enforcement proceedings against redevelopment corporations
Private Housing Finance (PVH) CHAPTER 44-B, ARTICLE 6
§ 213. Enforcement proceedings against redevelopment corporations.
Whenever a redevelopment corporation shall not have obtained the
certificates of approval of its development plan required by section two
hundred three of this article within twelve months of the date upon
which it became a redevelopment corporation, or shall not have
substantially complied with its development plan within the time limits
for the completion of each stage thereof as therein stated, reasonable
delays caused by unforeseen difficulties excepted, or shall do, permit
to be done or fail or omit to do anything contrary to or required of it,
as the case may be, by this article, or shall be about so to do, permit
to be done or fail or omit to have done, as the case may be, then any
such fact may be certified by the planning commission or the supervising
agency, whichever shall have supervision thereof, to the chief legal
officer of the city, who may thereupon commence a proceeding in the
supreme court of the state of New York in its name for the purpose of
having such action, failure or omission, or threatened action, failure
or omission, established by order of the court for the purpose stated in
subdivision two of section two hundred five of this article, or stopped,
prevented or otherwise rectified by order, injunction or otherwise. Such
proceeding shall be commenced by a petition to the supreme court
alleging the violation complained of and praying for appropriate relief.
It shall thereupon be the duty of the court to specify the time, not
exceeding twenty days after service of a copy of the petition, within
which the redevelopment corporation complained of must answer the
petition. The court shall, immediately after a default in answering or
after answer, as the case may be, inquire into the facts and
circumstances in such manner as the court shall direct without other or
formal proceedings, and without respect to any technical requirements.
Such other persons or corporations as it shall seem to the court
necessary or proper to join as parties in order to make its order or
judgment effective may be joined as parties. The final judgment or order
in any such action or proceeding shall dismiss the action or proceeding
or establish the failure complained of or direct that an order, or an
injunction, or both, issue, or grant such other relief as the court may
deem appropriate.