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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Permanent housing projects for homeless families
Private Housing Finance (PVH) CHAPTER 44-B, ARTICLE 3-A
§ 65-a. Permanent housing projects for homeless families. 1. Site
identification; initial project description. For each proposed permanent
housing project for homeless families, the city will identify a site or
sites for development of permanent housing for homeless families. If the
site or sites are proposed to the board for rehabilitation, any building
or buildings on the site must be vacant. Prior to any action by the
board, the city must submit to the board an initial project description
which sets forth, to the extent known, (a) a detailed physical
description of the property and the number of eligible homeless families
estimated to be served by the project; (b) the tenant population that
will be served by the project and how the project will address the needs
of these tenants; (c) a description of other funding sources that will
be used to develop the project, if any; (d) the category of permanent
housing proposed to be established; (e) a plan which provides that the
units for eligible homeless families provided under this article will to
the maximum extent practicable be occupied by eligible homeless families
referred from hotels, motels or shelters that are regulated by title
eighteen of the official compilation of codes, rules and regulations of
the state of New York; (f) where relevant, information stating whether
the city intends to convey the project to a not-for-profit corporation
or housing development fund company, and, unless stated otherwise, it
will be assumed that the city will hold title to the project once
completed; (g) a proposed development timetable; (h) the names,
addresses and business background of the principals involved, the nature
of their fiduciary relationship and their financial relationship, past,
present and future, to the project and to each other; (i) information
regarding the operation of such project and the affordability of such
project for eligible homeless families; and (j) such other information
as the board may require. The board will also require in the project
description that the costs associated with the construction or
rehabilitation of those portions of projects that are not designed for
occupancy by eligible homeless families are paid for by other funding
programs or sources, and that completed projects must meet all
applicable city or state codes governing such construction or
rehabilitation. With the approval of the city, a not-for-profit
corporation, housing development fund company or a person, firm or
corporation that will agree to limit its profits or rate of return of
investors in accordance with a formula established or approved by the
agency, may submit to the board one or more sites along with a project
description in the form prescribed above.

2. After receipt of the initial project description described above,
the board will review each proposed site and identify those sites that
the board finds suitable for construction or rehabilitation for
permanent housing for eligible homeless families. No site may be
considered by the board unless the project proposed for the site will
carry out the objectives of the homeless families plan most recently
submitted to the council of the city by the New York city human
resources administration. In its review, the board will give preference
to those projects that will result in the lowest costs per unit, can be
completed in the least amount of time, serve the greatest need for such
housing and also provide housing for occupants who are not eligible
homeless families.

3. After it has completed its review, the board shall advise the mayor
of the city of its recommendations concerning the suitability of
proposed sites for development as permanent housing for the homeless. No
project shall be undertaken by the agency pursuant to this article
unless the project site has been approved by the advisory board.